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Understanding and responding to distressed behaviours

Our understanding distressed behaviour course looks at distressed behaviours in the context of dementia care. If you are interested in a course on managing aggression and/or violence from non-clients or members of the public, please have a look at our course on Personal Safety at Work. If you are interested in challenging behaviours in the context of forensic work/personality disorder/complex needs, please have a look at the JCK Training website on our links page. Our training partners at JCK are very experienced in this field and come highly recommended.

Our understanding behaviours in dementia course looks at some behaviours that staff may describe as challenging, and examines potential underlying reasons for the behaviours. The focus of the course is on working with problematic behaviours in a positive way, working on understanding communication underlying the behaviours. The course also gives staff some useful hints that will help both to minimise the risk of incidents, and to deal confidently with such incidences should they occur using validation and de-escalation techniques. The course is intended to be as participative as possible using a combination of shared experiences, case study group work, and applying the theories to practical examples.