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Management Training Courses

We offer various management development courses. The content is appropriate for anybody working (or intending to work) in a management or team leader role. Our most popular course is the "Management Training Day". This is a day run for the senior staff and management team of the host organisation, giving a background in the most frequently raised management issues. The content is adapted to meet the needs of the organisation, and may cover issues such as:

•   Communication
•   Staff supervision
•   Staff appraisal
•   Team working
•   Staff motivation
•   Performance management

We can also provide training on a one to one or group basis on topics such as:

1. Finance and business planning
2. Management skills for first time managers
3. Presentation skills
4. Negotiation skills
5. Team working
6. Staff supervision
7. Staff appraisal
8. Issues around performance management.

From time to time, government grants are available to either meet or subsidise the cost of management training. To find out more, please drop us an email.