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Personal safety at work

This course is a generic course that looks at managing potential violence and/or aggression that is not client care related. The course may be suitable for, for example housing officers in social housing, people with public facing roles such as receptionists, or for staff in lone working situations such as domiciliary care. It may also be useful for care staff working in care environments where families and/or visitors may potentially display hostility towards staff.

The course has been developed using actual experiences and real situations, albeit with some of the details changed for anonymity. Participants consider the three primary types of aggression, their roles in the situation where these types of aggression may occur, and the impact that their own reactions may have on a situation. There is a focus on assessing and managing risk, looking at prevention rather than cure. There is also an acknowledgement that some situations are not avoidable, so equips staff with useful de-escalation techniques and tips on avoiding escalation and attitudinal lock in.

As an option, the course may also cover self defence and physical breakaway skills. These techniques are not strength reliant, non pain compliant, and thus ethically sound.